New Project: Pylon

First prototype

A new project has been started, continuing the work of the Huelle and Aspect project. The goal of the Pylon project is create a beautiful enclosure for Raspberry Pi, Arduino, Spark, and LittleBits based projects.

A first prototype was constructed to get a feel for some of the design issues, but the goals for the project as still being defined.

Follow this project starting with the Pylon homepage.

Off the Lab Bench and Into the Living Room

Maker Faire NYC 2014

MF14NY_BadgeThe great folks at ShopBot let the Aspect team display Prototype IV in their booth- many thanks! This prototype was entirely cut on the awesome ShopBot Desktop, including the printed circuit board. It was a great chance to get feedback on the project from Makers.


The construction of the Soundtrack Bluetooth speaker from DomeCandy caught our eye. We had a good laugh with their Co-founder Seth Alcorace about the similarity in our projects approach to using wood slabs.


makercon-logo-02-1x_horizTechochic displayed their GLANCE progress indicator at the MakerCon Innovation Showcase. The device indicates progress against a goal in a friendly way, very similar to the familiar wall clock. It is a great example of integrating digital tracking and quantification with how we actually like to live (glancing at a object instead of fiddling with apps).