Huelle Design Principles


The overall design objective is to create enclosures for electronic projects that enhance and integrate them into our living areas. The goal is to move beyond enclosures that are fine for protecting projects on a lab bench, but are out of place as home furnishings. Similarly, designs will avoid ‘ultra-modern, shiny, high-tech’; cool as this can be, it’s something more suited for an office or institutional space. This projects seeks to blend technology into a living space instead of forcing a fit.

An important element of achieving this blending is utilizing a style that bridges technology and elegant furnishings.

Design Principles

  1. Use natural or traditional materials (such as wood, stone, glass) wherever possible.
    These are the materials that typically make up our home environment.
  2. Use warm, natural colors
    This follows Alexander’s pattern A250
  3. Use dimensions based on a Fibonacci sequence beginning with 0.25 inches wherever possible on visible parts.
    The use of a Fibonacci sequence reflects the modular nature of the system.
    This establishes a preferred number for dimensions.
    This is aligned with Alexander’s A240 pattern and follows the Golden Ratio pattern.
  4. Use timeless design styling by blending ancient and modern design elements.