The Pattern Buffer is dedicated to establishing a pattern language for design styles, creating open-source building systems (i.e., platforms) to realize them, and sharing the resulting projects.

What is the Pattern Buffer??

Science fiction is often the inspiration for future technology, for example: the communicators in Star Trek that we now carry everywhere. While we don’t yet have transporters and replicators for ‘beaming’ and synthesizing matter, primitive ancestors exist in tabletop fabrication equipment today. Affordable CNC tools, 3D printers, and laser cutters, coupled with the rise of wide spread open-source design communities are creating wider possibilities for realizing interesting objects. The Pattern Buffer takes its name from the fictional equipment in a transporter system that stores an object’s pattern prior to materialization. The goal of this site is to be a repository of design patterns that Makers can download and fabricate- a crude analog to science fiction’s replicator.

Tangibit Studios

Tangibit Studios operates this site (our name is derived from tangible bits). We’re a small studio focusing on fusing Arts & Crafts style with technology.