Intended for smaller Arduino-based projects, especially those with an ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) slant. This open-source system consists of a base that can house an Arduino Uno and WiFi shield, a customizable lightguide section, a shield providing LED lighting and haptic interfacing, and a top cap.


Development History


Design Files

Design files can be found at the Aspect Github repository

Project Name

Searching for a name for the project, we looked for inspiration with the Acronym Creator script. Using the phrase: “Arduino Project Case”, one of the acronyms generated was AsPECt =Arduino ProjEct Case. A bit of an engineer’s approach to branding, but…

Aspect was selected since it relates to a couple of relevant things: (1) the Golden ratio was used to set the aspect ratio of the front and (2) housing cool Arduino projects in a beautiful enclosure is an important aspect of a complete design!


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