Maker Faire NYC 2014

MF14NY_BadgeThe great folks at ShopBot let the Aspect team display Prototype IV in their booth- many thanks! This prototype was entirely cut on the awesome ShopBot Desktop, including the printed circuit board. It was a great chance to get feedback on the project from Makers.


The construction of the Soundtrack Bluetooth speaker from DomeCandy caught our eye. We had a good laugh with their Co-founder Seth Alcorace about the similarity in our projects approach to using wood slabs.


makercon-logo-02-1x_horizTechochic displayed their GLANCE progress indicator at the MakerCon Innovation Showcase. The device indicates progress against a goal in a friendly way, very similar to the familiar wall clock. It is a great example of integrating digital tracking and quantification with how we actually like to live (glancing at a object instead of fiddling with apps).